Land Uses In A CBD


CBDs are very accessible because they are where roads and train lines met. A CBD’s accessibility makes it prime for different types of land use and big competition for buyers which makes it very valuable and puts up the price. The buyers of this land are usually shops, banks or offices. High-rise buildings are a good choose for shops and offices because they are cheaper than other options.

Shops in prime area are specialist shops that have enough profit to afford the area. As Time passes CBD’s Become more congested and busy which this reduces accessibility and in turn makes it a less attractive place to live, shop and work.

Old Inner City Areas

Inner cities of the nineteenth century was developed along side industry therefore at the time there was great demand for workers. When people moved from rural areas to towns to work they was only expense for low-cost housing, people did this to be near as possible to there work as at the time there was neither public or even much private transport. However, many of the early advantages of living and working in an inner city have long since become disadvantages.

Housing in the nineteenth-century were constructed as close together as possible and in rows which meant there was high density. Housing in the nineteenth-century had little amenities e.g. no indoor toilets, no bathroom, running water, gardens, sewerage or electricity. The worst type of house was called a `back to back` houses and tenement blocks both in the north of England. In these residents there was generally outdoor toilets possibly public and cold water taps. The houses themselves were miserable and damp this was made worst by the smoke from nearby factories. These living condition meant that people had a reduced life expectancy.


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